The Top 10 Attractions in Missouri

Missouri’s a popular state for tourists since there is so much to see and do there.  While there is much to explore in Missouri, many people rave about the following attractions: 


  1. St. Louis Zoo - This zoo is located at Forest Park in St Louis.  The admission is mostly free due to public funding from the Metropolitan Zoological Park and Museum.  There are some special exhibits where a fee may be charged.  The zoo has 19,000 animals from 655 species spread out over 90 acres.  The zoo is divided into six sections:  Lakeside Crossing, River’s Edge, Discovery Corner, The Wild, Historic Hill and Red Rock. Lakeside features Caribbean Cove where there is an admission fee.  Caribbean Cove features sharks and stingrays.  Also there is a food and shopping area.  River’s Edge feature African animals such as hippos, Asian animals like elephants, North American creatures such as crawfish and bull frogs and South American creatures including large anteaters.  Discovery Corner has an admission based children’s petting zoo.  Also, there is an insectariums and butterfly garden.  The Wild showcases sun and grizzly bears, forest animals like gorillas and water critters such as penguins.  The Historic area houses a bird house with a King vulture, a herpetarium with King Cobras and Chinese alligators and a flight cage with a snowy egret and wood ducks.  Red Rock houses lions and tigers along with camels and zebras.
  2. Dinosaur Walk Museum - This museum is located in Branson.  It was originally opened in 2004 and again in 2008.  The museum’s exhibits include 47 species of dinosaurs that are all life-sized and based on actual fossil plans.  The musesum is a huge 17,000 square feet with two levels.  The museum also houses two large hi-definition movie theaters that always have a dinosaur documentary playing.  They also have hands-on exhibits for kids.  A couple of the dinosaur exhibits include a T-Rex, Velociraptor and Troodon.
  3. Oceans of Fun - Oceans of Fun is a theme park with a tropical environment.  It opened its doors in 1982 inKansas City and has been there ever since.  When it opened in 1982, it was the largest water park in the entire world.  The park is located on 64 acres with 13 rides and 18 water rides.  The park has four different eating places with different menu selections.  There are also concession stands that sell ice cream, Dippin Dots, pretzels and funnel cakes.  The park also houses an adult swimming pool that has a full service bar.  It is neat because you can just swim to the edge of the pool, place your order and it will be delivered poolside.  How is that for service?  Some of the rides in Surf City include the Wave Pool which is family oriented, Aruba Tuba which is a tube slide, Captain Kidd’s which is geared towards kids and Hurricane Falls, which is a four passenger tube slide.
  4. George Washington Carver National Monument - The George Washington Carver National Monument is part of the National Park Service and is located near Diamond.  The monument came about in July of 1943.  It was founded by Franklin Delano Roosevelt who paid in $30,000 for the monument.  It was the very first statue that featured an African American and also the first to feature a non-president.  The monument sites on the childhood home of George Washington Carver in addition to the CarverCemeteryand the Moses Carver House that was constructed in 1881.  Carver’s childhood home sits on 210 acres that includes beautiful prairies, woodlands and hills.  The property also has a ¾ mile nature trail, museum and hands on exhibits for children. 
  5. Silver Dollar City - Silver Dollar City is a theme park located in Branson.  The park opened its doors in 1960.  The theme of the park is from the 1880 era.  The park has a total of 22 rides including 5 roller coasters and 4 water rides.  A few of the demos include a candy store, a candle store, a pottery barn and a leather shop.  Some of the favorite rides of Silver Dollar City include American Plunge which is a water ride with a 50-foot drop, The Giant Swing, The Grand Exposition Coaster which is a small coaster and the Marvel Cave which is a guided tour through a mile of passageways.
  6. The Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum - This is a hugely popular attraction in Missouri, located in Hannibal.  This was the actual home of Mark Twain, born as Samuel Langhorne Clemens.  He lived in the home from 1844 to 1853.  Since 1912, it has been a museum that is open to the public and in 1962, became a National Historic Landmark.  The property not only features the home but several other buildings as well including the Huck Finn House and Grant’s Drug Store.  The museum features many works of Mark Twain such as a jewelry box that he made in Italy and several paintings by Norman Rockwell.
  7. The Gateway Arch - This is the heart of St. Louis.  It was constructed as a monument at 630 feet tall.  It is the tallest building in Missouri and the tallest monument in the United States that is man-made.  The Gateway was designed by an architect named Eero Saarinen and a structural engineer named Hannskarl Bandel in 1947 and construction was complete in 1965 but only began in 1963.  It opened to the public in 1967.  The cost to build the Gateway was $13 million dollars.
  8. Stone Hill Winery - This winery is located in Hermann.  It was established by German immigrants in 1947 and it is the biggest winery in Missouri.  At one time it was second to the biggest winery in the United States and third to the largest in the entire world.  In the year 1900, it made 1,250,000 gallons of wine.  The winery has won countless awards in Vienna and St. Louis.  The winery shut its doors in 1920 because of prohibition but re-opened in 1965.  It is named on the National Register of Historic Places.
  9. Missouri Botanical Gardens - These lush gardens are located in St. Louis.  It was founded in 1859 by Henry Shaw who was a botanist and philanthropist.  The gardens are the oldest in the United States and are listed as a United States National Register of Historic Places and the United States Historic Landmark.  The garden is spread over 79 acres with 14 acres dedicated to Japanese strolling garden, a conservatory, a children’s garden, a pioneer village, a playground, a fountain area and a water system.  In 2009, the garden celebrated its 150th anniversary.
  10. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art - The museum is located in Kansas City and has a huge college of Asian art.  Time magazine featured the museum in 2007 as one of the 10 Best New and Upcoming Architectural Marvels.  Collections include European paintings from El Greco, Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh. 

Welcome to Missouri, the “Show Me State”

Missouri, nicknamed the Show Me State, is located in the Midwestern part of the United States.  Missouri is bordered by the states of Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Nebraska.  Missouri has 114 counties and four large urban areas that include St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield and Columbia.  The capital of Missouri is … Continue reading